Final Blog: Time Gentlemen Please…

Right, final roundup of what I have done. Overall, I am happy with what I created, but then I’m always seeing things I want to tweak and make for it. I have all my scripts working finally, and everything looks pretty much in proportion. If I wanted it perfect, it would all be done in mesh, but then that wouldn’t fill the project requirements, so hey ho. I can’t be unhappy with what I’ve done, but as a friend Sam pointed out to me, I am the creator and I am always looking for the bits that are bad and look wrong. I never focus on what looks nice. To someone else, it may look completely different. I just hope it looks ok to that person…

One of the final things I did was get my surroundings done. I figured I could make a marquee tent thingy to cover the bike, with the roof being all flexible. The kinda thing I always see at race meetings. That finally got me filling the need for a flexible prim, and keeping it on the same theme as the build. On top of that, I made a paddock stand for the bike to sit on and lift the rear. The floor was covered in asphalt texture too. I just went around polishing a few bits, finding a few small things to sort out. One of the odd things I did was make the radiator out of chain link armour…it looked great when tiled properly haha.

As always, what I would change is my starting time. I keep saying this all the time, but it is something that is so hard to do. My time management has been better than previous semesters, but it’s still not good. If I had immediately started on day 1, then I could have probably got a heap more detail in. This along with NET200 has given me a good understanding of how I work with a long deadline, which might help prepare for PRJ300 a bit better.

The crash certainly mucked me up with a couple of my assignments. As of yet it still isn’t sorted out. That though is something I can’t really dwell on though, as it was pretty much unavoidable. Short of not riding, but then that’s no fun. This ties in with starting earlier too, as it may have left me with a bit more of a buffer for the unexpected.

The biggest gripe is the side fairing bits. I would dearly have loved to get a nice smooth 3d shape to apply my texture on, but that didn’t work out sadly. It leaves the bike looking a bit odd from certain angles, but I tried to work round that as best I could. As an afterthought, I put in a couple of reference shots behind the bike, so people can see what a real one looks like…or they can use it to pick out the flaws…:P

At the end too, I wondered about copyright on the textures I had used. The metal textures I got off a free texture database, but am I allowed to use the name Suzuki, like is on the textures? I figured that this isn’t going to be for sale in the marketplace and I am using it academic purposes, so all should be good. Besides, I took the photos of the bike, and it is my bike sooo…

So yeh, mixed feelings but for the most part, I’m happy. The purpose was to make a version of my motorbike in second life, and I think I have done that. Sort of like a static tribute to it. It looks like one and sounds like one so that’s good.

Time to get my mesh skills honed and make a properly detailed version XD

Here are a couple of shots of the build. It sits on my workspace platform if you want to go have a wander round it.




Assignment 3: Blog 6


Well, getting quite far into it now. All of the frame is done, with footpegs, rear brake with mounts and torque arm, swingarm bracing is all done nicely. I have the tail area and seat done too, and that also looks quite good. I’m not sure how I can go about texturing the sculpty though, with each thing I try failing. I reckon that I can fill in the colour changing script part though, by letting the body panels alternate between blue and white when they are touched. I tested a way of getting the side panels done too, which is just using a photo of the panel which is then put onto a flat prim. For the most part it looks ok, except when you look at it front on. There is obviously no curve to them, as that would break the texture up. I then made a copy of the texture and filled the colour in with grey. Trusty old Photoshop CS2 came to play there, saved as .PNG which let me keep the transparency and made the side panels work well.

My fuel tank was a bit of trouble too, I’m still not happy with it, but every time I go to tweak it, I ruin what I had and make it look worse. As usual, it looks ok, but it’s not perfect. I was quite happy with the headlights though. I used one of the textures in the library, called “steel plate” and with a bit of repeating, it looked very much like the reflectors. That coupled with the glow light coming from the bulbs looks rather snazzy if I may say so…heehee

Just got to get my scripts going and my exhaust sound working. Following that, I need to get the front panel done. I have the windshield in Wings 3d ready to go, so yeah. Getting some smaller things like the dials done would be a nice touch too, I already have the photos for them XD

Assignment 3: Blog 5


Right, I’m finally getting into the building now. Bike is still out of action, and insurance are being tardy, as they always will be when it comes to claiming.

It has gone pretty smoothly, the only major ones that are troubling me are when I build parts away from the main structure of the bike. Getting proportion right I’m finding very hard. For the most part it looks good though, and it is easy enough to modify if I get it wrong. It is annoying after building a rear wheel and swingarm which matches nicely with the frame, but then the front end with the forks and front wheel looks way off. After having the entire frame together though, everything looks quite plain. I know it is just aluminium, but I only have 2 textures to use. One for the rough cast parts and another for the shiny brushed parts. Besides that, it’s all just silver/grey.

I’ve got working with my 3d program, and had a go at the iconic tail hump bit. I think it came out well, but my modelling skills aren’t the best by a long shot. They way it matches up with the seat mount body panel looks a bit odd to me. I know I can’t get it exactly like my source picture, but I certainly want to. I also see what they mean with the templates I have regarding them appearing all messed up if I mod them. Mine didn’t work anyway, not sure why exactly that is. Not sure how I can work the side panels into the build and make them look ok.

Assignment 3: Blog 4


Well I had an eventful week. I was heading over to Blenheim on the 31st for the long weekend. I was debating whether to go over the next morning, but I decided to leave at 4pm-ish. Got into the Whangamoas and there was a nice large diesel spill covering the whole left lane, probably left by a logging truck, as they had a spill outside their depot only a couple of months back. Not sure how fast I was going, maybe around 40-50kph round a left hander, and the bike just immediately dropped hard. There was a guy behind me who helped me get the bike up and off the road. Sadly it had worn through one of the engine cases and oil was leaking everywhere. Thank goodness for the AA roadside rescue! 😀 First crash over, I’m now a true member of the club…

I landed on my left knee and left arm, which has left them both a bit munched. Just muscle damage in my shoulder, but my knee feels a bit odd. Should be right though. The protective gear worked well…hahaha

Dealing with insurance and the mechanics now, which is going to hurt my wallet one way or another. As such, I haven’t gone anywhere with my build, or any other assignment. Save from getting my 3d program sorted, everything’s pretty static. Hopefully more to come soon.

Assignment 3: Blog 3


Still haven’t progressed much further from my previous entry in terms of in world progress. My goal for the weekend is to figure out getting a good sculpty and 3d design program. I’ve got a set of Autodesk student programs, which are the full blown CAD systems. Sadly enough I was using them to build yes, bike parts a couple of years ago… >.>

I went through the marketplace again looking for sports bikes that people had made, and it left me a bit grumpy. People were making all sorts of fancy looking bikes, but managing to stay around 12 prims through some clever mesh work. I don’t think I’ll get to their stage though. I grabbed an idea off one of the bikes though, as he had an exhaust system with particles and sound activated on touch. I filmed a clip at the start of the year showing my clutch dragging on my bike, which gives me a perfect sound bite to use for it. I’m sure the particle lab will sort my exhaust smoke out too

The clip if you are curious

One thing I can’t think of is how to incorporate a flexible prim into the bike. I thought of making the seat flexible, but that doesn’t really make much sense. Other than that, the bike is all made from solid bits. Hrrngggh.



This is in addition to the above. I found a decent 3d modelling program to use over the weekend. I tried Blender, but was having trouble with their tutorials. In going through the second life wiki, I found Wings 3D was rated as a good easy to use program for making sculpties. I had to grab some plugins so I could export files though. I also grabbed some templates to help too. What I read though, is that I can’t modify the actual amount of faces on the template or something. It said they would appear all messed up in second life when imported. I’ll see how that works out when I come to do the actual modelling. I also got my particles sorted for the exhaust and clipped my sound down so it can loop nicely.

Assignment 3: Blog 2


Right, in following from my last blog, and a rather large hiatus, I decided with content creation, looking to build a second life version of my motorbike. I couldn’t think of a decent video to shoot that would be interesting, and they always tell me to enjoy my work, so a bike it is XD.

One thing I have started to do is get some clear shots of the bike, from all sides. That of course started with giving the bike a final cleanup and polish hahaha. I’m not sure how I am going to go about getting the body panels done, but at least I have good shots to base whatever I do off.

That’s pretty much all I have done so far, but I’m getting a pretty good image in my head of what I want to finish up with. There is going to be a fair bit of time spent with the prims making all the pieces of aluminium that make up the frame and forks. I had a go at making a rear wheel just for kicks, and I think it came out ok. Trying to get all the small details was hard though, and made it look a bit odd IMO. I hope it’s not me being picky 😛

Assignment 3: Blog 1

MUV601 Assignment 3 Planning


Right off the bat, I need to say I am not actually sure what I want to do at this stage. I’m sure there are other people in the same situation. Either I will be looking at the Machinima, or the content creation focussing on visual complexity. I discussed doing the infrastructure topic with Matt, who I worked with in my previously, but we both thought that it was a bit too big and carry too much hassle.

I have had a bit of experience with video editing, and a small bit of experience with uploading to YouTube. It’s also good that the laptops we get come with the full Adobe suite. The trouble with creating machinima is finding a topic and subjects that I WANT to cover. Tutorials are great to do, and technically check all the boxes, but it just feels a bit lacklustre. I don’t know.

 For the content creation, I already have a vague outline of what I would hope to build. There is a 95% chance that it will be connected to motorbikes in some way…how anyone would ever guess that is beyond me 😛 The other 5% would be a massive Gundam, probably Deathscythe XD

I would be looking at making a second life representation of my motorbike, a 1998 Suzuki GSXR-750. Commonly referred to as a SRAD (Suzuki Ram Air Induction). This model is characterised by the rather fat tail bit on the bike

 In terms of machinima, I usually make remixes of videos called “YouTube Poops”. Not sure whether that would qualify for the assignment though, unless I have actually filmed the source video myself. On top of that, most of them are usually quite rude, or make no sense…that might hurt the grades a bit…

In terms of what I need for content creation, I can only see textures of my bike and a lot of build time. I was wondering about making a ride able bike, but then I talked to Aaron about it and the scripts involved. He mentioned it would be good to see that we had written code in the scripts, so that left me a bit uncertain. In browsing the marketplace, I also saw some kind of prim limit for ride able bikes. Certainly has me leaning towards a static display.

The only other thing which worries me is how much detail I can actually pack in to the model, and what it will look like. The bike had large curvy and odd shaped body panels all over it, so how it will turn out is something I can’t really figure out now.

Other than that, I just need to make my mind up and have a think about it. I have to say though, what a brilliant assignment. Getting to choose what we want to do…amazing hehe